BrushCraft Oval 6 Brush review

by Sunday, April 9, 2017

You have probably already heard of (expensive) Artis makeup brushes. Well, the creators of the Artis brushes came up with an idea to create high-performance BrushCraft makeup brushes at reasonable prices. And yes, the prices are great, but what about the performance?

From the BrushCraft creators:

“We have taken the familiar traditional makeup brush and given it a new twist, to make it more maneuverable, easier to use, and efficient. By turning the fibres at a right angle, and using NuFibre to replace animal hair, we have improved how the makeup brush performs. We have replaced inefficient and allergy-causing animal hair with NuFibre, a trademarked man-made, engineered fibre. We also use many more fibres in each bundle than a conventional animal hair brush. And that means better makeup results for you when you use BrushCraft.”

I have bought only the Oval 6 brush from the Brushcraft collection (total of 4 brushes), because I heard that the others are nothing special. I like the design and the fibres. They are soft, but unevenly cut (as you can see on the picture below) and that’s what disappointed me the most. I can’t argue about the performance because I have to admit it is great. If I compare the Oval 6 brush from BrushCraft with my all time favourite brush from Dior – Fluid Foundation Brush I can say their performance is almost the same. But the quality of that two brushes is incomparable– Dior’s is definitely better.

The Oval 6 brush is perfect for applying foundation, contour and blush. What I like most about the Oval 6 brush is its oval shape, because I can use it around the eye area easily. Its design is a little bit strange at first, but nothing you can’t get used to instantly.

Would I recommend it? Definitely. Overall, I think that the Oval 6 brush is a great brush for an even greater price.

You can buy BrushCraft Oval 6 brush here for approx. 34€.

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