Crazy about red

by Wednesday, May 10, 2017

My addiction to red just got serious. I probably need some energy and brightness in my life. A lot is going on with my health lately, and I am getting really tired of not having a “normal”, healthy life. I can’t do the things I love doing the most and it is making me furious and frustrated. So, if I have a better day, I pick brighter colours when I open my closet. I think that colours are very important in our lives and they make our everyday funnier and happier. What would we do without colours, right?

The red off-the-shoulder top is perfect for summer. It is so lightweight and airy. I love comfortable and at the same time chic clothes and this outfit is totally both. The ripped jeans that I am wearing are soft and stretchy, so it is really comfortable and you can wear it day and night without being uncomfortable – and that makes it perfect for busy moms that are always on the run. This comfy, ripped jeans are also available for petite and maternity. The key to the perfect outfit are shoes. I only buy shoes that I can walk in, although that means I have to pick a little bit lower heel. Be careful and always choose shoes that are stylish but you can still run in them, that is my advice.


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