Flickable lip gloss

by Sunday, April 23, 2017

I am so happy to present you Flickable – Lollipop like lip gloss. Flickable is one of the most creative lip glosses I have ever seen. Their design is IPDA awarded and it is truly remarkable and fun to use.

Flickable lip gloss ads:
softness: Avocado Oil restores lipid levels,
moisture: vitamin E heels and conditions,
volume: lips appear curvaceous and plump through Coolact – an all natural ingredient that stimulates nerve receptors causing an increase in circulation,
color: vibrant, highly concentrated pigments,
sparkle & shine: high percentage and variety of multifaceted pearls.

The texture is super smooth and non-sticky thanks to unique Clay Gel infusion that creates a feel like no other. What I love most about it is its scent and flavour. I have the “Do Ya Pink Im Sexy?” which is a nice sheer shade of pink and it tastes delicious, just like a bubblegum. I am always licking it as it tastes so good.

There are 5 different colors and flavors available:

  • Better Off Red,
  • Citris How We Do It,
  • Fight For Your White To Party,
  • Toffee Talk,
  • Do Ya Pink Im Sexy?.

For mini video click here. 

Flickable is a cruelty-free and vegan brand. The lip glosses are selling for approx. 5$ on their official site here.

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