I like paper Pappwatch watches

by Thursday, January 12, 2017

Ever heard of I like paper Pappwatch watches? I like paper is a new, innovative label from Berlin, Germany that specializes in designing accessories from special paper-like material called Tyvek and other printable materials.

Tyvek is a synthetic paper made of plastic that is tear-resistant and water-repellent. It can be recycled up to five times! All of their products are as durable and flexible as products from leather or other similar materials.

They have many great designs from different designers from all over the world. Every single product is a piece of art. What I love about their watches is that they are lightweight (you don’t even feel that your wearing it) and you can make a design of your own. They all have a digital display for time and date and the battery life is approx. 2 years.

I have chosen these designs (from left to right): PANDA by Sophie Crea, NEXT MORNING by Kathrin Schielber, PARIS by Kater Stets.

“The Pappwatch – its sleek and simple design will fit any wrist. Equally suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds – men, women, children and anyone in between. The ideal accessory for any opportunity!”

Pappwatches sell for 14.95€.

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