My First Blogiversary and how my lifestyle changed over the year

by Friday, January 20, 2017

A lot has changed in the past year. I’ve come from wanting to become a blogger to having a bigger mission on this world than just blogging. I always loved pretty things, beauty and fashion, but I never really gave a thought about what was I buying everyday.

My lifestyle started to change drastically the day I found out that I was pregnant. Many things regarding my previous lifestyle collapsed the day my baby girl was born. I started to realize that not all that glitters is gold. We mostly do what all the other people are doing, because if we don’t, we don’t fit in, we’re unwanted or we’re outsiders in this world.

Most things in our lives are created with fear. Great fear. Every single step of our lives. Believe me, I know. And I know you know it, too, but you’re just too afraid to admit it. Writing my blog, I realized that it is not fair to just look away from the problems of this world and that that problems are ours, too.

I first started blogging because it seemed nice to. But, throughout my blogging path I found the true meaning of it. I started to blog with a reason. My so called “mission” today is to show women across the globe that we can be pretty with natural and organic cosmetics, that we can eat and be healthy without chemistry, and, most importantly, dress mindfully. Why is the last one the most important one? Because I know many of you are becoming more aware of other things, but when it comes to clothes “the cheaper the better” is all I can hear from most of my friends, fashion bloggers and women from all over the world. I know that most of them don’t even know what is behind those clothes and how it can be harmful to their lives. (You can read more about this in one of my previous posts here).

I had my ups and downs in the past year but I stayed strong and didn’t give up. I did get to know a lot of amazing people that I cooperated with and still do and I am truly grateful for every single one of them. But to whom goes the most special THANK YOU is to all of you, my precious followers! There would be no blog without you.

Never forget that it doesn’t matter where you are, you can always do something good for the world and for yourself if you’re just willing to.

Hugs and kisses,

2 Responses
  • Nina
    February 8, 2017

    Čestitke!!! Še mnogo let in uspeškov v blogerskem svetu ti želim 🙂

    • Bonita
      February 12, 2017

      Hvala! 🙂

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