Review: Stokke Trailz vs Stokke Xplory stroller

by Saturday, March 5, 2016

For me, finding the perfect stroller wasn’t a big problem. I knew from the second I laid my eyes on Stokke strollers that one of them will be mine for sure. When it was time to buy one, I just couldn’t decide which one I want – Stokke Xplory or Stokke Trailz. Both were gorgeous, stylish and functional. In the end I was lucky, because I hadn’t had to choose between them – I bought both. Well, the two chassis, one carry cot which fits only on Trailz chassis (because I like this cot more) and a seat that goes on both chassis.


In the winter I use mostly Trailz stroller, because of the salt and stones on the roads, and Xplory stroller in summer. But it isn’t always like this; I take the stroller that is more convenient at the time of use.


Stokke Xplory is one of the most fashionable strollers on the market and it is the best one for the city streets. I love it when I go shopping, to galleries, restaurants or other smaller spaces. Trailz is more robust and it is great for forest paths. At the same time, both are easy to fold and unfold.


Stokke strollers are the best in my opinion especially because of the high seat, which consequentially, creates a good connection between the mother and the baby. I don’t know about any other stroller with a similar function. What I love the most about Stokke strollers is that you can always buy one of the Summer⁄Winter kits that transform the color and style of the stroller entirely.


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