What to wear to a wedding

by Tuesday, May 30, 2017

You get an invite to a wedding and the first thing most of the women first think of is probably – “what shall I wear?” Well, let me tell you one thing that’s for sure: you can’t wear white! You just wouldn’t want to steal the attention off the bride, right? Although, black is still frequently worn at weddings I wouldn’t recommend it either. A joyful moment like a wedding calls for brighter and fun colors. So, even if you are not the biggest fan of bright colors try to pick the garments in darker shades like rich blue or emerald green.

If I would go to a wedding this year I would wear this pretty pink midi dress. It is flowy, comfortable and the little flowers makes it so romantic and timeless. With an A-line shaped skirt it makes the perfect dress for multiple silhouettes. What do you think? Wouldn’t  I make a great maid-of-honour in this dress? 🙂


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